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Bonjour~ Ya reached Kotetsu T. Kaburagi haha-FOOLED you! this is just a voice recording! I'm so funny! Kotetsu responds to ASKS. Remember he's cool- so he's busy! So if he doesn' respond right away jus' keep ASKin' 'til he's awake! Er- less drunk er- I mean -=BEEP=-!

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Barnaby=My Wife


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Been away because of MANY obligations, I’ve met a lot of people since i’ve moved and i’ve been devoting a lot of individual energy to those specific people along with attempting to maintain a solid financial background and recreational time. So with the social pie cut I have not been around- I hope some day I can find the time to return!

Tora’s ‘WHOA’

Whoa guys- jus’ gonna take a second OOC to post about how people need to back up off each other for jus’ a second. I noticed a lot of posts flying around about people being sincerely upset about how OTHER PEOPLE are roleplaying to the extent of whoa.

Just WHOA. Hold up the butthurt train- there are better things to be severely upset over rather than something individuals are doing for fun. If you are upset about them and how they roleplay it shouldn’t affect you to the point of leaving that’s just my two cents. Everyone’s contribution is valuable in its own way. Nuff said.

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[Original art and text is from “【兎虎腐】三角活用法” by KURO@pixiv]


((I know you want to.))


Karina… how old are you again?

((You’re not Chris Hansen stop looking for predators.))